QLD Country Credit Union

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QLD Country Credit Union & Health Fund has recently completed its flagship store in Townsville, North Queensland.  The new facility houses 124 support staff as well as a number of small businesses on the ground floor.

Raylinc Lighting was approached to assist on both the external and internal lighting arrangements of the new office building.

The products used externally were a combination of recessed LED IP65 wall washers to highlight the stone feature walls, surface mounted LED IP66 narrow spot up/down luminaires and We-ef SBL series pole mounted HID shoe box car park luminaires.

The focus internally was to create warm and inviting light using a layered approach, conceived by famous lighting designer Richard Kelly. Track mounted and LED recessed wallwashers were used to provide evenly distributed ambient light on the vertical surfaces of the fit-out, making up the first layer. Oval flood downlights made up the second layer and were placed through-out the interior to accentuate work stations and counters. Track spotlights were used over the advertising and seating areas.  Wall wash luminaires are used to wash the stone wall that houses the ATM.

Electrical Consultant: Ashburner Francis Building Services Consultants

Architect: RPA Architects

Photos: Andrew Rankin Photographer

Townsville, Queensland

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