Logan Metro Sports Centre

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Logan Metro Sports Centre, home of the Logan Thunder Women’s National Basketball Legaue team is a three court multipurpose sporting facility south of Brisbane.

We-ef FLC metal halide luminaires mounted to the ceiling light each court to meet the International Basketball Federation illuminance standard. This competition standard requires a high level of playing light with a low level of glare to avoid interference with player performance. The FLC luminaire achieves this with it’s precision optics. ┬áThese precision optics also enable individual courts to be lit with minimal spill light into adjacent areas. ┬áThis means that the operator is able to switch on the luminaires required to light only the space being used, saving considerably on energy costs.

Raylinc worked with the designer through-out the course of the project to create a fantastic competition arena.

Lighting design. Diana Gille and Jeremy McDonald – Medland Metropolis

Logan City, Queensland

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