Eagle Farm Racecourse

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The upgrade of the Brisbane Racing Club training and track facilities was designed to illuminate the track for the regular 3am training sessions.  The design brief was to install a new lighting installation to meet a minimum horizontal and vertical lighting level to ensure the safety of the riders, staff and horses.  It was also important for an observer to be able to monitor each rider during the sessions. This together with having neighbouring properties so close proved a challenge to comply with Obtrusive Lighting requirements (AS4282) post curfew hours.  Vertical spill compliance was a particular challenge because a multi-level residential development had just been built along side the track so glare was a real issue.  The final compliance hurdle was upward spill and glare control due to the CASA aviation restrictions as the site is in close proximity to Brisbane Airports.


The final results exceed the track lighting requirements and also complied with all of the obtrusive lighting restrictions thanks to 25M poles with Philips Optivisions Floodlights each with louvers.


Designer:  Chris Tame – Raylinc Lighting

Engineer: Wood and Grieve Engineers

Installer: Australian Sports Lighting Solutions.

Images supplied by: Australian Sports Lighting Solutions

Ascot, Queensland

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